My Sweetness And Light

I got burned once again.
Now I'm mad and I want revenge.
I'll get him,
I'll make him pay.
He's mine,
And there's no escaping my grasp.
I don't know what I'll do yet,
But it will be good.
He'll come to heel at my feet,
He'll come around and beg for my mercy.
One of these days,
He'll realize what he's scorned.
He'll be sorry,
They always are.
He'll wish he'd never meet me,
And never heard my name.
I'll fix him good.
He'll think twice,
Before he does this again.
I'll guarantee you he'll never mess
With another woman like me.
The cards were right:
We were never meant to be.
It wasn't supposed to happen.
We just cheated Fate,
For a few lost minutes in time,
And we lost.
It happens.
But never again.
Not to me!

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