My Lost Heart

My heart,
That pumps a million blood vessels,
Has broken into twice as many pieces.
Your words,
As kind,
And as encouraging as they were,
Have killed me inside.
And my sadness,
Is caused by the mourning,
For my lost soul.
My lost heart.
The pain,
And the sadness,
That you see on my face,
Is caused by you.
But I can't tell you.
So I suffer in silence,
One more time.
No one to talk to,
Except for myself,
By my own hand,
Can I work through my thoughts,
And my pain.

I have to hide my pain,
From everyone around.
And nobody knows,
What I'm going through.
Nobody knows how I feel.
And nobody can ever know.
I can not show this……
This weakness,
For my enemies,
Far and wide,
Would pounce at this opportunity,
To finally destroy me, forever.
And you are the cause of it all.
But how can I tell you?

How can I tell a man,
That has done nothing wrong,
A man who has treated me,
With nothing but respect,
And kindness,
A man so sweet,

And so generous,
Caring and considerate,
That he is the cause,
Of my pain and sorrow?
The very same pain and sadness,
That he sees on my face,
And questions me about constantly?
I can't do it!
Oh, but how I wish I could.

How I wish I could burst,
Your happy little bubble,
And tell you the avalanche of emotions,
Going on inside of me.
Then I could finally,
Let you in,
And be whole with you.
One with you.
But above all else,
I must protect my secret.
And never let you know.

To let you know,
All of the things,
I feel inside,
Would be to let you,
Into my world completely.
And you would probably,
Get scared away.
And I don't want,
To lose you.
So I'll keep my mouth,
Shut forever,
And let things,
Take their own sweet time,
With you and me.
Gods willing,
We will hopefully be together,
And I can finally,
Allow you into my world,
And into my heart,
On into eternity.
Until the end of time.

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