My Fantasy

If every night,
I could see your face.
The shine in your eyes,
When you look at me.
My Fantasy.
Would you love me?
Or would it be,
Somebody else?
Would you give me love?
Or would you shut me out?
Either way, I know the truth.
It is just the way,
That we make love,
That shows your youth.
But could it be,
The way you loved me,
That makes you return?
The feelings we shared?
The times we had?
When our love showed?
Could we ever get it back?
This is my fantasy.

If every night,
You come to me.
That look on your face,
That says you love me.
We could have it back,
That love that is gone.
We could face the light.
We could face the dawn.
If it could only be.
My fantasy.
We rise and fall.
We fight and forgive.
And through it all,
We always care.
Let us take that chance.
Let us have it all.
This is my fantasy.

If ever night,
You lay beside me.
Your heart beats in that mysterious rhythm.
Then I would know,
You truly love me.
Together we could make it.
Together we could survive.
And always have,
That perfect life.
That shine in your eyes,
Would be mine to keep.
My loving care,
Would be yours to share.
And every night,
Our love would show.
We could live the life,
That only comes to me,
In my fantasies.
We could survive the pain.
We could conquer life.
We could have it all.
We could shine the light,
Down to the earth,
Through the clouds,
Where we lay our hearth.
Our pain forgotten.
Our loyalty true.
This is my fantasy.

If every night,
Would be ours to share.
And every day,
Would be ours to know.
We could live forever,
In the world above.
Where we have eternal love.
We would be happy.
We would be free.
This would be,
Nothing but a fantasy.

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