My Coveted Affinity

You are my heart.
You are my soul.
I feel you inside me now.
Our souls are interwoven.
We are two parts,
Of the same shimmering essence.
And we will forever be intertwined as one.
You are my life.
You are my love.
You are my desire.
You are my coveted affinity.
And now, The Fates have thrown,
Another icy shard,
At the delicate tapestry of my precious,
Hand woven existence.
And another fiery trial of terror,
Surfaces to keep me from you:
The curtain of a starless, moonless night,
And an ocean of longing,
Larger than Jupiter.
And more lonely,
Than being alone in the universe,
Flying among the stars.

This poet knows want.
This poet knows desire, and heartache.
And this poet knows longing all to well.
I long for you now.
"Come and ease my longing,
And give me what I want.
The delicate embroidery of our souls,
Will weave together to become one,
The way it should be,
And we will accomplish anything we please.
We will have already cheated The Fates,
And The Lords of all life,
By joining together in a solid union,
That can never end.
We will be a granite fixture in the universe,
That will survive all tests,
All wrath, All time!

To be one with you,
Whole with you,
Complete with you,
I would stare down The Ancients,
With their formidable tempers,
And formidable wrath!
I would reach down into the recesses of the heart of existence,
And pull our the core of the universe!
The very center that the universe revolves around.
I would send everything into an oblique oblivion!

This desire is dangerous,
But I can never let it be.
I can never leave it alone.
You are to rare to ever let go,
And I never will let go.
I can't leave you alone.
I can't forget about you.
I could not ease my troubled mind without you.

Let our souls join,
And form a spiritual union,
Stronger than all of existence.
Let us combine to cheat The Fates,
And throw The Furies into a tail spin!
We'll shake The Cosmos,
We'll rattle The Ancients like never before!
We'll shatter the universe with our union,
And together we will rule all of creation.

Together we will be whole,
And look no more for our souls' companion.
Come with me. Come to me.
And let us rule the stars,
Rule the vast expansion above.
And my fiery trial of terror,
Will at last be over.
And the starless, moonless night,
Will turn into a brilliantly bright day,
Until the end, or the beginning of time,
My love, my coveted affinity.

Just reach out to me,
And everything else will follow.
Everything else will fall into place,
When you take my hand,
And join with me,
In a glorious combining of souls.
I await that day,
With eager anticipation like never before.
I dream of that day,
With a giddy contemplation of what it will be.
Only you can say.

Be mine,
And let's throw the universe,
Into a crash course of alluring brilliance,
And fantastic light!
A whole new era of love and life,
Awaits the Cosmos.
Along wit an alluringly sexy,
Romantic new outlook on the value of life,
And the value of the heart.

But your heart is all I want.
Your heart belongs to me.
Caress me now,
And awaken the long since slumbering radiance within me.
Touch me,
And stir my long past hibernating emotions.
Crumble the walls around my heart!
Melt the icy outer layer,
And smash the black marble,
And at last, unlock the chains holding me prisoner!

And make me,
With you by my side,
The ruler of all creation.
All it takes,
Is your heart to join with mine.
My love,
My coveted affinity.

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