Pushing me away,
While I try to hold on.
Pushing me away,
Till I was gone.

You came back,
Begged me to stay.
Guilt you laid,
So I wouldn’t stray.

Music consumed you.
Encompassing your mind.
No room left for me.
Leaving my heart in a bind.

Where did you go?
Why did you push me away?
Throw away my heart,
And beg me to stay…

The pain cut deep…
Seeping within my soul.
Ripped me apart…
Left my soul less than whole.

I walked away from a love
That engulfed my every thought.
Turned my back on the pain,
As I realized it was not you I sought.

You served no purpose in my life.
Sent me down a path I did not need to go.
Made me doubt every belief I held dear.
As I was torn from the Cosmic flow.

The greatness of what I felt for you,
Died a slow and painful death.
I’ll take it to my grave within me.
Even as I sigh my final breath.

The time has come,
To close the door.
For us to move on.
To find even more.

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