I was a mistake.
I never should have been born.
I don’t belong here,
All my life I have been torn.

I was a mistake.
My parents never should have had me.
I wouldn’t feel the pain I do,
Their lives would have been much simpler too.

I’m tired of crying…
Tired of dying.
Why can’t I just leave this world behind?
Why can’t I just die?

No one would miss me.
No one would care.
I wouldn’t be here.
I wouldn’t have this pain to bear.

All alone and by myself once again,
Never to know happiness,
Only a dull throb in my head…
A heart to scream in infinity’s agony.

Life goes on, as it must in the end.
I deal with pain inside everyday.
Knowing I must never give in and bend.
Knowing that I will never sway.

I am who I am.
I will not change to please…
I do what I do.
And don’t ask for anyone to care about me…

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