Missing You

Missing you today,
In a desperate way;
Full of things I could not say,
When I turned and walked away.

Life has been empty without you.
My days are a sad everlasting blue;
My nights are too…
I find no magic in Dawn’s hue.

Dwelling on memories shared…
Holding on to the times when you cared;
My heart you ensnared,
Nothing else has compared.

In your arms all was bliss,
Feeling lover’s eternal kiss.
Not a thought to miss,
The emptiness within the Abyss.

Each morning I face the dawn.
Within myself I have withdrawn,
Since you’ve been gone,
Still feeling like your pawn.

In loneliness I dwell;
Hidden inside my shell.
Sorrow befell,
Whispering words of farewell.

Choosing to be alone,
In my soul of stone;
Crying a mournful tone,
I become a lonely crone.

Holding your memory inside of me;
Losing my sanity.
We will not see,
The two of us united for eternity.

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