The hallow of you spine,
The arch of your shoulder blades.
They look like they could harbor some deep secret,
A secret so glorious,
You may be frightened to show it.
The secret of Angel's wings.
Wings that you could use,
To fly over the destruction of this world with.
Take me with you!
Grab hold of me,
And let me fly over the worlds' destitution wrapped safely in your arms!
The arms of an angel!
I'll fly with you to a world so bright,
A world so pure,
You'll never find it in a million years of searching.
For only precious few know the way,
And I am the last human,
On Earth to find the key to it's existence.
We'll fly together on your perfect wings,
Away from death and destruction,
And we will find a secret land all our own.
All it will take is our perfect love,
And your perfect wings,
To fly us there.
We could live in a world of magic and light.
A world of radiance and enormous brilliance.
A world filled with creatures of wonder.
And people of pure heart.
And when we make love,
Our passion will explode into the purest of all lights.
And our love will glow around us like a vibrating aura.
We'll never have to be afraid,
And we'll never have to fear the worlds of this universe anymore.
Take me,
And be whole with me,
My beloved wizard.

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