Lonely Dove

My life is a haze.
Black maze,
Star gaze,
Walk around in a daze.

Mysterious apparition,
Silly superstition.
Damned be contradiction,
Twilight’s hesitation.

Do you exist?
My lips kissed.
Once again I missed.
Your memory joins the list.

Sadness embrace me.
Darkness caress me.
Pay the fee,
Unlock the key.

Wicked bite,
Struck by spite.
No room to fight.
None too trite.

Full of pain to reap,
Feel me weep.
You’re in too deep,
Yours to keep…

Blood rose,
Heart woes.
Feather light kisses on my nose,
As you tickle my toes.

Embrace me now.
Before you I bow,
Give you my vow…
I want to know how.

I give you my love,
Fit together like a glove.
Soar with me high above
On the wings of a lonely dove…

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