Listen To Me

My world is destined to blow up around me.
I cannot stop the pain of that fact.
For you expect to always hide the part of me,
That you don't want to see.
I can't hide who I am.
I can't submerge that part of me.
You don't want to know all of me.
You don't want to deal with that side of me.
I wish I could open your eyes.
I wish I could make you see,
That happiness is not something you can dance around,
Nor is it something you can pick and chose from.
To know true happiness, you must first learn to cherish me.
You cannot hide the parts of me you don't want to see.
To know true happiness, you must first learn to love me,
All of me.
You must learn that you cannot chose the parts you love,
You must take them all as a whole.
If only you would learn the truth of what I say,
Because I can't live this way.
You ask me to love you,
You ask me to cherish you all my life.
You want to call me wife.
But if you cannot hold all of me sacred,
Then I am afraid our time together has been in strife.
You will not understand what I say,
Until the day the part of me you don't want to face,
Is the part of me that is brimming with hate,
And forced to the surface.
When it strikes, it will be at you.
And I know this for a fact,
When that happens, we will be through.
You will tell me good-bye,
And no it won't be a lie.
You will mean every word you say,
And I will be left without you at the end of the day.
The day you leave I will be devastated and crushed.
For many days and weeks my entire life will be like slush.
Then one will come, the opposite of you.
He will hold me as I cry my heart out over you.
He will watch as I am slowly built up,
And one day he will kiss me for the first time,
But when he does you will be on my mind.
I will fall into him, give into the lust,
And when we cannot stop the mistake,
My whole life will turn to dust.
Everything I know, and everything I love,
Will all become dead.
Inside I will feel like my heart is made of lead.
The big mistake will result in a bigger one,
And when it's over, I will be left with none.
I see my future, you don't understand.
One day all I say will come true,
And the only person condemned to loneliness will not be you.
Please listen to me just this once,
I am trying to tell you the truth.
I have seen it all in the eye of my mind.
This tale I tell is one of pain,
And in the end, there will be nothing to gain.
Please open your mind, and listen to me in kind,
I can't stop the future, I have seen it all play out in my mind.
I know what is coming, even if you refuse to listen to the warning.
I love you very much, and I hold you very dear,
But one day we will be hurt by each other;
You will move on; find one better,
I will make a mistake, and my life will be pain again.
I can't stop what I know,
I can't hide what I feel,
I wish you would embrace me the way I need to be.
I wish you could accept me for what I really am.
I am something you are, but a little bit more,
A part of me you can never understand.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you,
That doesn't mean I don't need you in my life.
I just wish you would finally understand what I need,
And be that person for me.

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