Join The Darkness

I want to chase the night,
I need to ride the Darkness.
Out across time,
Way into space.
I want the void,
To encompass me,
And swallow me whole.
I want to lose myself in it.
And become no more.
I'm tired of living.
I'm ready to die.
I'm ready to leave.
My needs are few.
My wants are many.
My life is over.
I have nothing left to live for.
May the Darkness embrace me.
May the Abyss swallow me whole.
May the night chase me into oblivion.
I hope I can ride,
Through the Darkness,
Into nothingness.
My perverse nature will cease to exist.
The complex will become simple.
The simple will become nothing.
Nothing will become the Darkness.
Who are you?
Where am I?
Am I in the Darkness?
Is the Darkness inside of me?
The Darkness embraces me now.
The night chases me through it.
I can hide.
But not for long.
I'm tired of going through the motions of being normal.
I'm screaming inside.
I'm tearing myself up from the inside out!
I die a little more every day.
I'm ready to return to the Darkness.
Mother Night,
Embrace me now.
Let me join in the Darkness.
And surround myself in it.
Life doesn't need me.
Life hates me.
I hate life.
I'm ready to leave it behind.
Take my life,
Accept this sacrifice.
Let me leave this cesspool called Earth.
Just kill me.
Releave me of my suffering.
Let me go.
Let me join the Darkness.
Let me fall into the Abyss.
I beg you,
Let me leave.

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