It Was Meant To Be

In my mind, out of my sight.
Your face captured in my eyes,
Your voice singing in my ears.
I see you smile, your face so beautiful.
When I reach out, you are never there,
But I feel you near.
Your presents is here.
It may be just my imagination.
It may be my feelings for you,
That draw me closer to you.

I wish you were here.
I wish you were near.
Why do I torture myself?
Why do I allow myself to feel?
To feel only brings a broken heart.
I shut out my emotions,
Everyday to everyone and everything.
But with you it is different.
With you, I can not help but feel.
I have never felt it before,
So I can not tell you what it is.
It does not matter,
For soon my heart will break,
When I realize I can never have you.
Then I do not know what I shall do.

I wish I knew you.
And, could speak your name.
Perhaps, one day my dreams will come true.
The dreams of when I can be with you.
I know our lives are different,
That is why we have never meet.
But you will always be real special.
There's a place for you in my heart.
I know, someday,
I will hold you for the first time.
But for now,
My dreams will have to do.
Until we meet each other,
One fateful day.
It will be magic,
And we will be together,
The way it was meant to be.

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