It Must Be Love

Why do you not leave my mind?
Why will my mind not let you leave?
It must be love.
It must be the feelings I have for you.
"What do these feelings mean?"
I ask myself.
They mean that I care for you deeply,
And I am very jealous of the girl you have,
Because I wish it were me.
And because of her,
It is not me.
But you don't care.
People say we look good together,
And other people see my passion,
Heat and swell inside of me.
Everybody knows.
It must be love.

People know how I feel,
When they see me next to you.
But people do not know how I long for you,
Late at night and wish you were with me,
Holding me tight.
But again, the people know I love you,
And I do not know how I can.
The way you treat me,
The way you act,
They can not be the reason.
Because they are not that great.
It must be your sexy face,
And masculine body,
That draw me to you.
It must be love.

How I long to caress that firm chest,
And those bulging muscles,
That keep me going all day,
All night,
Every minute of every day.
How the feel of my poisonous kiss would effect you,
Could amuse me so much.
Your reaction like a victory I have longed to capture,
But feel the pain,
Because I will never win the race for your heart.
Just to watch your reaction,
To how I am,
And how you would finally know it.
And the way you laugh,
I can hear it now,
Your deep voice,
Ringing in my ears,
The victory I will never hear.
The sound sets me on fire.
If only you knew!
My Gods!
And the look in your eyes,
That shows your passion,
Or lust,
Or both,
It does not matter which,
You will finally love me, too.

It must be love!
And my love with yours.
We would be invincible.
I will not be the only one,
With this desire anymore.
It is love!
And you will finally know it, too.
My love, Your love,
A very deadly combination.
And together we will do the crazy things,
We have never even dared think of.
It must be love.
For real,
And for true!
It must be love!

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