Introduction To The Inside

I know on the outside I am hard,
Sometimes even cruel,
I hide my feelings,
I do not wear my heart on my sleeve.
I am a closed book,
That you have opened up to read,
The outside was hard,
Dusty and unpolished,
The inside new as the fresh fallen snow.
How you read me,
I do not know.
I have always been closed,
I have always kept shut.
Why you opened me up,
I can not say.
But I am glad you did,
Because I love you anyway.

I have opened up to you,
More than I ever thought possible.
I canít live without you,
I could never exist without you.
I want you in my life,
I need you by my side.
I need to feel your hand caressing my face,
I need to feel the touch of your warm embrace.
Love me now,
Do not let go.
Pull me into your arms,
Nuzzle my neck,
Feel me close, Hold me dear.
Love me completely,
Love me true.
Join with me,
Be mine as you always were.

Your love is something I can not live without.
Your touch is something that to lose would cause me to pout.
I know I hide my feelings,
And hurt you so much.
But if I could feel you hold me just this once,
I would die from your touch.
I have never felt this way before,
I have never felt the love of someone mature.
I have never been held,
And drawn so close.
I have never been able to let my feelings go,
And show someone all of the love I have inside to give.
You have shown me how to love, and more importantly how to live.
I canít thank you enough, for caring so much.
I canít show you everything inside of me,
That you bring out in me to be.
You are my inspiration, You are my dream come true.
You give meaning to my life,
Without you I am not one, I feel like I am half.
Come to me, be my rock, my center, my staff.
You are everything I love,
And everything I hold dear.
With you by my side my path is clear.

I canít lose you, I canít give you up,
I can never let you go.
I will fight to the last,
I will fight to the death,
I have to be with you,
I have to hold you inside of me.
I need to feel you close to me,
Deep inside my being, rooted to the core.
Soul to soul, love to love,
Mind to mind, Heart to heart.

To have you close to me,
To feel your love once more,
To hold you close to me,
To be one with you inside of me,
Are the roads I ask even possible anymore?
Can we find our way back to each other?
Can I make up for all of the wrong I have done?
I would die in bliss,
Just to feel you passionate kiss.
The effect you have on me,
Is one of an astounding heights.
To be without you, I have felt my soul turn to dust.
To have lived without you, The well of my love has developed rust.
As I have said many times, I can not let go.
I need you with me, I can not sever the ties to you.
My heart belongs to you,
I am still yours, I will never belong to another.

Only you are my love. Only you are my soul.
Only you can ever own me, as you have done many times before.
This isnít a fairy tale, and it isnít some silly tale of folklore.
My love is true, is tried, and tested, and proven.
You are all I have, my love the only thing to give.
Please accept me, please let me in.
I could never hurt you, I could never betray you.
I could never again do as I have done.
I miss you, I need you, I want you back.

Will my story of love have a happy ending?
It is up to you, I can not decide for you.
I wish I could, I know what the answer would be.
My love would wash over you,
Possess you again.
Fill you up inside, Own every part of you.
If only you knew, how much my love runs true.
Please hold me, Please tell me itís ok.
I need you so much; I have never admitted it.
I never let you in, That was my mistake.
I have let you in now, I have accepted my fate.
Everything I am, belongs to you.
No matter how long it takes,
No matter how hard I have to fight for you,
I will always be right here,
Waiting for you.

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