Spirits imprisoned,
Dead ye be.
In fathoms deep,
Lie still for me.

Locket guard,
On Island alter.
In your task,
Never falter.

A thief in the night,
Through howling rain;
To drink my potion,
And feel untold pain.

Mouth so parched,
Begging for water.
None shall ye get,
Suffering a martyr.

Water you find,
In glassy lake.
Your doom awaits,
For my secrets’ sake.

Water encased,
Float in peace.
Flesh break surface,
Rise and seek.

Stop the thief,
Who steals my soul.
Drag them deep,
To water black as coal.

Water fills your lungs,
Never to leave.
As death grips tight,
I shall find my reprieve.

Guarded well,
My soul is safe;
From the most powerful wizard,
Or the scrawniest waif.

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