Imagine there was no pain.
Blackness on your heart was not a stain.
Sadness did not bring the rain,
And there was no strain.
Would you know joy when it found you?

Imagine never knowing the sting of a broken heart.
Lovers torn apart.
Fragile and cracked by a silent dart.
Silence to impart.
Would you know love when it finally touched you?

Imagine there was no want.
Shadows of the past that do not haunt.
Memories that do not taunt.
An ex-loverís flaunt.
Would your heart know when happiness found you?

Imagine there was no need.
Your heart did not bleed.
No defeat to concede.
Passion did not recede.
Would you know when you are fulfilled?

Imagine there was no hurt.
No need to divert.
No despair to exert.
No accusations to avert.
Would you know when your mind is at peace?

Imagine there was never a need to cry.
And relationships never went awry.
You were never told a lie,
And every breath didnít make you die.
Would you know when you were whole?

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