I Dreamed A Dream

I dreamed a dream,
And when I looked,
All I saw was blackness.
Blackness of the deepest and purest black.
I closed my eyes,
And looked again.
This time,
I saw a hand
Holding up to me,
A black silk rose.
My hand reached out and took it.
And I saw the face,
Of the man who owned that hand.
The face of evil.
The face of cruelty.
The face of Death.
And when he smiled,
I saw two pointed fangs.
Fangs sharper than the teeth,
Of a great white shark.
And his grin just as ugly.
But his face,
With their deep shadows,
And sharp features,
Somehow made him less ugly,
And more irresistible.
He took my face in his hands,
Tilted my head to the side,
Opened his mouth,
And sank his fangs in.
He closed his lips around the bite,
Drinking the sweet red elixir of life.
I closed my eyes a third time,
And when I looked,
I saw the face of an Angel.
And the Angel said to me,
With compassion in his heart,
"Be strong, and know who you are.
Never doubt yourself,
And stay true to your beliefs."
I dreamed a dream,
And when I looked,
All I saw was DARKness!

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