You turned you back.
And I donít know why.
You named me ďwifeĒ,
But all you did was lie.

I donít know what happened,
To make you forget about me.
I donít know what you are thinking.
So I will just leave you be.

Briefly did I know,
The embrace you held me inside.
Now you walk away.
And I am swept away with the tide.

I will be leaving.
Never to come back.
Though I donít know when,
All I have to do is pack.

I am tired of it all.
I wonít be missed.
No one here to care.
Iíll never again be kissed.

The answer to my question,
Is hard truth to swallow.
I thought you cared about me.
But your ďloveĒ was hollow.

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