Heart Of Coal

Sun in the sky,
Earth at my feet.
Moon up high,
Tis me you greet.

Seeking lover lost,
On whimsical tide.
Regardless the cost,
In my heart confide.

I seek you out,
Demanding why…
Lips drawn in pout,
As I cry.

Lies you have told,
Hear them now.
Bill of goods you sold,
I question how.

Locked in nightmare,
Twenty years hence.
Hidden between a longing stare,
Leave you now as recompense.

Running far,
Circling wide.
Driving my car,
To Gulf’s tide.

Truth I seek,
From one who can tell.
No longer to be weak,
Into her I fell.

Happiness a dream to hold,
In hearts elation and fierce cry.
Dare I be bold,
To soar with her up high?

Dream inside exceeded,
Once again to be whole.
Never again depleted,
No longer a heart of coal.

Wide awake,
Wondrously alive.
In her I take,
The queen of my hive.

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