Half The Phoenix

I fail miserably,
Trying to protect that which I love.
It is no use,
No matter what,
Sooner or later it is stripped,
And taken away.

Yes, I loved her,
With everything inside of me.
And in the end,
She is gone,
Because I failed to protect her.
I kept her safe
Till I failed her in the end.

Yes, I loved them.
Watched them grow from newborn to full life.
Cherished everyday spent with them for six years.
Now they are gone,
And I don't know why.
Why must everything I love die?
Why is it I must always say goodbye?

If I am The Goddess,
So powerful and strong,
Why can't I protect that which I love from harm?

If I am The Goddess,
So mighty and bold,
Why is it I must watch what I love perish to dust?

Why must I live with the pain of their loss?
Why can't I find them,
And see them again?

If I am The Goddess,
So great and grand,
Why must I watch that which I love suffer because of who I am?

Now I come to love again,
And if I give him all of me,
Will I find him meeting the same end?
Will I hold him in my arms as well,
As I watch him fall into The Black One's embrace?

Do I dare to give him all of me,
And seal his fate?
Or let him go,
And spare us this pain?

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