Where the children play,
And the basket balls lay,
The wooden benches sit,
The guys I will hit,
Coop will drink,
I will think,
The ignorance and laughing,
The sweaty stench.
Rough surface of the wall,
When I call,
Ignorance will answer.
Sleek floor I will slip,
Someone will flip,
The bleachers so steep,
Others will peep,
The activity will liven,
Let's try divin',
We'll have a blast,
Uh-oh, someone needs a cast.
Things just got better,
Lets get wetter,
Finally, we'll have some fun,
We'll get a little sun,
And class won't be so boring,
I'll stop snoring.
The world will seem refreshed,
And I won't remember this class
As being such a blast.

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