In loss we suffer,
Begging why me, why now, why you?
Felt in our deepest core,
Screaming a silent death cry new.
Loss unrivaled,
Shock too great to bear.
We deny itís not here.
Still too numb to care.

Awakening to happen,
Leads to anger so great.
Mind reeling in a fit of rage,
We are unable to sate.
Our mind begs to question,
Why did you leave me,
What have I done?
Though no answers come.

Anger turns to acceptance,
As reality sinks in.
Realization strikes us,
There was nothing to be done.
In acceptance we start to heal,
And begin to wake.
Piecing our lives back together,
Remembering life is only what you make.

In grief we find our way,
We make decisions out of fear,
That will impact our lives for years to come,
Yet unable to shed a tear.
Realizing our own mortality,
Hoping to push it away.
We cling to the vibrancy of youth,
In desperate attempt to still our own age of decay.

Only in time do we accept our fate,
Holding happiness so dear.
We fill our lives with as much joy as we can,
Knowing we hold no fear.
Though we will walk alone,
Into the next life.
We know that we have filled our lives with love,
And so can leave without strife.

We know we will be missed,
By those left behind.
Just as once another did,
And so left us in kind.
In remembrance we find joy,
Knowing that yet they live.
One day Immortal soul will return to life,
With more love to give.

The cycle will begin anew.
All souls are merged,
A part of each other.
A link that death cannot purge.
Celebrate their life,
And celebrate your own.
Our years here are short,
Before we are called home.

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