Gentle Embrace

You say you love me,
Itís not my fault.
You say you never meant to love me,
Itís not my fault.
I never meant for you to love me,
I never meant for us to happen.
I thought it never would.

I thought you were beyond my reach.
Though you said I would love you,
You would never love me.
Spells recital such power.
Were you manipulated into loving me?
Or did you want to from the start?

From you I cannot hide.
From you I cannot run.
I cannot lie,
I never would.
I run closer to you,
Wanting to feel you next to me.

You held me when tears stained my cheeks,
Falling from my eyes.
You held me so close, so tight,
Was it real?
Was it a dream?
Do you really want to be with me?

The life you show me is sweet and kind.
The love you lay before me no words can describe.
I want to feel it surround me caress me.
I want to be held inside of that love you give me.
I never want to leave, and let go.
But can you withstand the test of me?

My heart is tinged bittersweet.
The love inside dies everyday.
I have loved so deeply and been hurt to the depths of me.
Will you ever hurt me?
Or will you never let me go,
And hold me forever inside of your gentle embrace?

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