A fractured heart,
Silent, desperate cry,
Reaching out,
Begging to understand why.

Truest love I used to know,
Built a dream within me,
For my heart to keep.
Nevermore the need to weep.

Catalyst to happiness.
You were my key.
My life laid out,
A reality to see.

Alas, my reality
Was fantasy instead.
Truth came crashing down,
Decimating the dream within my head.

You were never meant to be with me.
You are meant to circle wide.
You chose a different dream.
Without you I abide.

Your purpose in my life,
Is fulfilled and gone.
The time came and flew,
A dream that went so wrong.

Neither could walk away,
Nor say good bye.
Longing to be in each other’s arms,
A lover’s agonized sigh.

It wasn’t easy,
The only thing to do.
Walking away.
I still miss you…

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