Forever Never Came

You said forever,
Though forever never came...
You said you would hold me in your arms all my life,
Though I never felt a gentle embrace.
You said you would keep me safe from the darkest things in life,
But you couldn't protect me from yourself...
You said you would love me for the rest of your life...
But you couldn't hold on even a month...

You said you would never turn your back on me,
But all I get is a cold stare...
You said I was worth loving,
And deserved to be loved...
But not even you could stand the test of me...
You said I would never be alone,
But even you don't want me.
You said you would never break my heart,
Yet it is shattered in two.

You said I was a priority in your life,
Though you never came to see me...
I understand that you are a busy man,
But there are times when knowing that isn't enough,
The selfish side of me comes out,
And makes me doubt all of the things I think I know.

You have said so much,
And now it's over...
None of it made any difference...
Our time together is through,
Before it ever even started.
I am alone once more,
A place I know well.
Moving on will be difficult to do,
Because I still love you.

It's my problem to deal with,
I lay nothing at your feet,
It's no concern of yours...
You have said you do not want me in your life...
It's too late to change your mind...

I never thought we would end,
I never thought to talk to a stranger on the other side,
I always thought we would be together,
That I had found the one person I could love forever,
It doesn't matter.
Nothing I say or do ever will.

I turn around,
Walk away,
This is my final goodbye.
You will never hear from me again,
I will respect your wish...
Your promise of forever never came.

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