Fear Me Into Eternity

I am something you can never have.
I am something you can never own.
I am something you can never buy.
You will never get it,
Because I don't want to give it.
No matter how much you beg and plead,
You will never break my heart,
Made of black marble,
With a fence that can never crumble.
You will never get to me,
For I am the scorn of the universe,
That keeps growing
With the contempt of mankind.
Soon I will encompass the Earth,
And all of the people on it.
With each passing hour,
I grow more powerful.
Soon, nobody will be able to stop me.
Humans fuel me.
And through that fuel,
I thrive,
Better than anybody,
Or anything in the entire universe.
You will never get your hands on me,
Or all of the power I possess.
Nobody can have me.
Beware my rage.
Beware my fury.
Run from me as you would a rabid dog.
Anger me not,
Or the blood bath that will ensue,
Will plague mankind forever!

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