Fate’s Cruel Goodbye

We have always been very verbose,
Even though you hold me so close…
Hold me so dear,
The time for us draws near.

We were always meant for each other.
There never was another.
Our timing was never right.
We rushed the site.

Heartache and pain so many times,
Because of you I have written so many rhymes.
You would always come back to me,
You would always make me see...

You have been my best friend.
You have taught me there are times to bend.
This time as you leave,
I know there will be nothing left to weave.

You are moving so far away,
There is nothing I can say.
I will miss you more than you will know,
More than these words can show.

How am I going to move on?
And in my mind make you be gone?
I will carry the love I have for you inside till the day I die.
Cause even as I write these words, I cry.

I will probably never see you again.
The Fates were cruel to us.
I got to hold you only so briefly,
Before you were torn away from me…

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