Fate Gets Her Way

My neck remembers.
It tingles now.
My mind will never forget.
The way you made me feel.
I think of you now,
While I lay here and dream.
Dream of a time,
When I had you here with me.
When will I feel you again?
And when will you call me,
Your Teddy Bear once more.
Come to me and enter me.
Fill me.
Don't leave me here alone,
For one more night.
Be impulsive.
Be rash.
Be with me, and still me.
Still this burning in my blood,
And this untamed wildness,
I feel when I look at you.
The feelings course through my veins,
Wild and free.
I feel them now.
How will I slow them,
To a mild current,
If you are not here to touch me,
Hold me?
They continue their rapid speed,
Setting records of unimaginable heights.
Only you can slow them,
Or still them.
I want you now.
I desire you more than these words say.
I covet you more than you will ever know.
I want you to caress me,
To touch me,
To feel me.
Love me now.
Tell me you'll always be mine.
Put my mind at ease,
And still the currents,
Flowing like wild fire through my veins.
Only you can do this,
And I think you just may.
It's in your nature to love me.
I know you feel it, Boo.
I know you know it.
I know you felt that tingling,
That out of control warmth,
Spread through your body when we meet.
It's our sign.
And you know it.
Your Teddy Bear is waiting for you,
My little Boo Bear.
And she will,
As long as you resist fate.
Stop fighting fate,
And except what is painfully obvious.
We are meant for each other.
And com hell or high water,
We will be together.
You can't stop it,
Because eventually Fate always gets her way.
Go with it, Boo.
Accept what Fate has for you.
Accept me,
Your little Teddy Bear,
As your soulmate.
I'll always remember,
And so will you.
Just remember, Boo,
I will have you.
It's inevitable.

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