My greatest fear
In my deepest heart,
Is a life without love…
Always apart.

Never to belong,
And be a piece of a whole.
Drowning in my broken heart,
Ripping away my soul.

Then you came along,
Like so many before you.
Gave me the promise I long to hear,
Wanting me to believe it true.

Not that I don’t.
Not that I do.
Not that I won’t.
Not because of you.

Working through
My own issue,
It’s hard to believe,
I have already fallen for you.

What can I do,
But try to run,
From what I feel,
When in the end, I could come undone?

My brain tells me run.
My heart says hold your ground.
My defenses rise,
As I work my way around.

I know deep down,
How this story will end.
Already I feel
A heart on the mend.

Hold onto this,
If nothing else is true…
All is not lost…
I have already fallen for you.

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