Enough Of This

I feel light.
I feel free.
Just like,
I was meant to be.

My anger
Is gone.
I'll no longer
Be a pawn.

Once upon a time,
I was sweet.
No one ever
Called me a cheat.

I've been cruel,
For so long.
I never once,
Sang a song.

Now I'm free,
From this blackness on my soul.
This disease called suffering,
Will burn to dust like coal.

I can finally
Be me!
And set things right.
People will finally see,

I'm not such a bad person.
I'm really quite a blast.
If you don't make me mad,
I'll never put you in a cast.

I love life.
I'm exuberant, wild.
In many ways,
I'm just like a child.

If you teach me to love,
I can be loyal.
You'll have on your hands,
A Leo Royal.

Keep me safe.
Keep me true.
And I'll always,
Be your baby blue.

I want you to help me.
I want you to want me.
I can't have you,
Don't you see?

What do you mean?
No, we are not meant to be.
We are not,
Cleopatra and Antony.

Maybe you can see,
I'm not who I claim to be.
You and I
Could never end up as a we.

If I could be that way,
I would love it to death.
But hey,
My name's not Beth.

Blackness is my life.
It always has been.
It will always be this way.
Oh, I wonder if I'll ever win.

What say you
¿Por Favor?
Do you care for me?
Will you rock me to the core?

I pray Zeus you do.
I'm tired of all of this.
All I want to do,
Is crawl out of the Abyss.

Because, for once I feel light!
And I feel free!
Oh, I would love
To fly away like a bee.

You can make this happen.
I know you can.
But look on the bright side,
At least your name isn't Dan.

Come on, then.
You can't miss.
Hurry up! I want to be free,
Because I've had Enough of this!!!

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