Drift On Fates Tide

Once when I was lonely,
So sad, so blue,
I dreamed of a time,
When I would meet you.

I dreamed of a time,
When the world would seem,
Sunny, bright, vivacious.
And I would begin to beam.

I have never known,
A world so alive and good.
All I've known,
Is the world where I've stood.

A world of blackness,
And deceit.
Pain, hurt, heartache,
And conceit.

Just to survive,
You had to strive,
And if it didn't work,
You had to connive.

I used to hope,
That you would take all of that away.
You would bring my life,
Into a new era, and I would no longer have to pay.

I no longer have to dream of that time.
Because I've finally found you.
And it's you, who will make my dreams come true.
Because you do.

No longer will my life be plagued,
With outside forces beyond my control.
Because with you here,
I can take hold of the pole.

And the pole of my life,
Will be shaped by me.
And no other but me,
Shall ever be.

I am finally the ruler of my world.
And I hope you shall rule by my side.
No longer shall we be pulled,
And drift of Fates tide!

We'll be able to decide,
What lies ahead.
Nobody will choose for us,
Not even when we go to bed.

Our minds will wonder,
Over places, people, things,
And dreams will be a place of vibrance,
And we won't pay any attention to the dings.

Life will be much simpler together.
Than before we meet.
We won't have to worry.
So let's go to bed and pet.

Life is easy.
It's such a breeze.
But right now,
I'm ready to catch some Zzzz's.

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