Dream Within

Iíve begged.
Iíve cried.
Iíve pleaded.
Iíve tried.

Iíve begged to hear you say
Just one time
That you love me.
Is that a crime?

Iíve cried an ocean of tears
Waiting to hear you say
That you want to hold me
At the end of the day.

Iíve pleaded with my heart
To hear you tell me
What I mean to you.
But you just donít see.

Iíve tried to hold on
With nothing to hold on to.
In my deepest heart,
I know I do not have you.

The days tick away.
The sadness grows within.
A life together
That should have been.

Anticipation rises as excitement mounts.
I will see you again.
A dream buried deep,
To walk with you in a glen.

The time draws near
When we will see
Just what is waiting
To meet me.

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