Dragon Night

Glistening in the moonlight.
Scales of purest light.
May be rock,
May be reed.
I collapse weary against a stone.
Exhausted I lay,
Curled in the grass.
This hard rock, my bed for the night.
Wearly I sing to myself,
Song of sorrow and sadness.
The stone moves,
I see a slit open next to my face,
And I am peering into an eye.
I see the sorrow, the despair there,
I see myself.
A massive head rears up slowly,
Turning fully toward me,
I see two eyes,
Yellow as the topaz,
Gazing down upon me.
Curiosity showing inside.
"Who are you?"
A loud voice, deep as a cavern,
Echoes in my ear.
"I am but a weary traveler,
Resting for the night."
I say back to the voice that came from the sky.
"Why did you chose this cursed place to sleep?"
Asks the voice in sorrow.
"I thought this was but a rock.
I thought I would be safe here for the night."
"This place is cursed,
The land of many sorrows.
The land of death.
Why do you come here?"
"I came here to find peace.
My life has been hard,
And I wish for oblivion.
So far, it has been hard to find."
"If you want oblivion so badly,
Why chose a place you feel will be safe to sleep?"
I hear a note of curiosity in the voice,
Almost amusement.
"The hope that I am wrong.
My life has been one tragedy after another.
I hope that one day it will get better,
Even if I am ready to die now."
"Odd creature you are."
Said the voice.
"No, I am not odd.
I am hurting,
I just want life to be better."
"Life is always hard.
I have lived many lives,
And seen many things.
It is never easy.
If it is an easy life you desire,
You desire the impossible."
Such wise words from one who is ancient.
"What makes you so sad?"
I asked the voice.
"I am the last of my kind.
All others have perished before me,
And I am the last.
My race exists only as long as I live.
And I feel my days are numbered.
There are those that hunt me,
Have hunted all of my kind,
And fear drives them to try and destroy me."
"I am sorry to know this.
You are a creature of great beauty,
And great wisdom.
Why do they hunt you?"
I asked the magnificent creature before me.
"They fear me.
Fear drives men to madness.
They fear what they don't understand.
And they hate what they fear.
Therefore, they try to destroy it.
They try to destroy me."
"I am sorry to say that my kind are fools.
I am sorry that I am a part of them.
They cause pain no matter what they do."
Curiosity reached topaz eyes again.
"You are an odd creature.
You understand so much.
You do not fear me.
You have no traits of your kind."
He looks at me different.
And bestows upon me a gift I never thought possible.
"Ask me anything you will,
All the knowledge I have gained is yours."
"Thank you great one."
Is all I can say.
Inadequate, I know.
But it is all I can say.
We talk through the night,
Give each other companionship.
I am gifted all the knowledge most men crave like gold.
Gifted the will to live.
I have found a companion,
Known a true friend.
Needing nothing more,
I found the peace I have craved from life.
It is no more.
Scales glisten in the moonlight,
Bright gems of light shining from above.
Curiosity instead of ferocity.
Beauty instead of fear.
I have known the true nature of a dragon.

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