Destinys Moon Of Scarlett

My talent is words.
The ability to make them something more than words,
I make them feelings,
Pictures in your mind,
A memory long forgotten by the Fates.
Listen to what the Fates say:

I see Destinyís moon,
The color of blood.
The moon shines scarlet.
I am bathed in blood.
Washed in a sea of red.
The light dances on my skin,
Plays a game of shadows.

My face is caressed in crimson love.
Destinyís moon of scarlet
Bathes the world in blood,
The world becomes a red bath.
An ocean of burgundy for me to drink.
I feed on the light of Destinyís moon.
I feed on the richness of crimson glow.
Caress me,
Bathe me,
Surround me in the richness of it.

I love the feel of the red haze on my skin.
I like the glow from deep within.
Destinyís moon,
Wrap me in your scarlet cocoon.
So protective,
So selective.
Engulf me in your beauty,
You make me feel beautiful.

Destinyís moon,
Scarlett haze,
Wrap me in your veil,
The crimson glow lights me from within.
And all I see is red.

The red frost of anger.
The anger I hold to my past.
At what has happened in my life.
The red frost,
Yes, blame aimed at me.
It was all my fault.
It was all because of me.
I deserve what has happened to me.
I deserve the pain I live with.
I deserve the memories that torture me.
I deserve what I live.

The red eclipse of love.
The love in me I am only now learning to accept.
The parts of me that can be loved,
That want to be loved,
That secretly need to be loved.
I fight to keep myself unlovable,
But deep down,
I need for someone to love me.
I need for someone to show me I am loveable.
That I am worth loving.

I need to believe it,
Whether be truth or not.
But I fear that it be truth.
I fear the truth.
I fear what the truth will bring me.
I fear knowing that I am loveable.
I fear someone loving me,
I fear taking that chance,
Opening myself up for the greatest hurt of all.
The pain that comes from love.

Am I capable of opening up my barriers,
Showing the one I love,
Just how much I love him?
Destinyís moon, I want to.
I have shown him some.
I want to show him all.
It will come,
One day it will happen.
Maybe not today.
Maybe not tomorrow.
But one day when all seems gone,
And all is thought lost,
All will be shown.

Can I show him all,
And still have him at the end of the day?
Is it possible,
Even conceivable,
That he wonít leave me,
The second he sees what lies beneath the mask?

I need for him to be true.
I need for him alone to love me.
I need for him alone to show me,
Show me I can be loved.
Show me I am worth love.
Show me that I am loved.
Destinyís moon,
I would give anything to believe itís true.
I would give anything to trust itís truth.

I drown in the nebula of scarlett.
The red eclipse of love captures me,
I am loveís prisoner.
Washed aglow in the mist of the eclipse.
Cleansed in rebirth,
Cloaked in Destinyís moon.
I am shrouded,
Seeing through the veil,

Destinyís moon,
I see it,
Darken the sky in red,
Eclipse the world in blood,
My blood,
My innocence.
The innocence that was stolen from me.
The innocence I can never get back.
What was stolen,
Lost forever.

I need someone to tell me itís ok.
Though I know itís not.
I need someone to hold me,
Let me believe a lie for a little while.
I need to feel my soulmates connection,
The shared soul that binds us.
The connection is broken,
I severed the link,
I pushed him away.

I didnít realize what I lost,
What I did,
Until it was gone,
Until it was done.
Pain unlike any other.
My heart bleeds.
My heart dies.
My heart,
Sliced and diced into a billion pieces.

What is gone,
Can not be reclaimed.
What is lost,
Can not be found.
Mia amore has rimanere mi.
I am alone once again,
Alone forever.
Filmed in the radiance of Destinyís moon.

Missing what is gone,
Doesnít bring it back.
Still loving what is gone,
Even after it is gone,
Doesnít make it love you anymore,
Doesnít make it come back.
Missing you forever wonít bring you back to me.

Destinyís moon canít take the pain away.
All Destinyís moon can do is shower us,
Shower us with her radiance.
Somewhere thereís peace on this earth,
But for me,
There is only pain.
And Destinyís moon of Scarlett.

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