As I lay awake,
Your memory comes to my mind.
The lust we have shared,
For a brief moment in time.
The love I have for you,
That you will never return.
The things we have done,
The times we have had.
I want you now!
More than I have,
Ever wanted anyone.
Will my desires come true?
I will never know.
Because you do not,
Love me.
You think of me as a friend,
Or whatever.
But not a lover.
You took my virginity.
That should tell you something.
Why would I,
Give you,
Such a thing,
If my feelings,
Did not run deep.
I wish you would,
Open your eyes,
And see how I,
Really feel.
It is written all over my face.
My love for you is real.
I can not hide it,
I can not bury it.
And I wouldn't want to,

I wish,
When you look at me,
You would see ME!!!
Not what it is you do see.
I long for you,
In my agony,
In my desire,
In my pain.
But you will never know this.
Because you will never ask,
And I will never tell.

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