I deny you, defy you.
You will never have me.
Too soon, too late,
No coming back now.
Hopeful dream shattered in pain.
Thoughts of you swarm my brain.
To have loved you only to be denied in the end.
To have felt you close only to have you draw away.
Longing for you all day.
Dreaming all night.
Wishing for what will never be.

I deny you, defy you.
You will never hurt me.
I quote to you how I feel,
“One touch, you brought it down,
The bricks of my defenses scattered on the ground.”
You know it for truth.
Know me inside…
Was I for you?
Did I die?

I miss you,
Deny you, defy you.
I don’t want to hurt inside.
I don’t want to die.
Hearts' agony breaks me.
Down, down I fall…
Darkness consume me,
Shroud my core,
Bury my heart.

I deny you, defy you.
I don’t feel you.
But can I move on without you?

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