Demon Within

For one named Cole
Wherein lies a darker soul
Demon that lies within;
Belthazor, who married our kin
Demon be banished,
Though this is not written in Spanish.

Lo! You came back,
Though we thought we hit you with a lethal whack.
Here you stand in front us,
Gods Above, you are a tricky cuss.
Now you are The Source,
Ready and willing to endorse
Evil by your side,
You stand within the realm of black tide.

Our blood your Queen,
Filled with your demon seed.
Now she must choose,
Who it is she is willing to lose.
We banish you twice
And when she is ready once again to role the dice,

Here you come a third time,
Out of the ashes like a wind chime.
How is it you will not die?
Why do you continue to make our blood cry?
It is inevitable you must fall,
Still why must you have the gall
Why throw yourself in our faces,
And force us to drink case after case
Of your gloating, smug, mouth?
Why can't we banish you south?

Say goodbye to the life you love,
Things will once again fit like a glove,
Before you ever happened to us,
Before you poisoned us with your putrid puss.
One day soon
We will find the powers contained in the moon
To send you to the last realm
It won't cause us to bat an eyelash, or the slightest qualm.
We can't wait for that day,
The day when we can say
The world is safe from your black night.
The day when we will no longer have to fight.

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