Deep Inside

I want to feel you deep inside,
I donít like it when you hide.
Please donít run from me,
Let me hold you.
I know what itís like to hurt,
And fear being crushed again.
Donít throw me away,
Because of the caution pounding in your head.
I will never hurt you,
Never make you cry.
I do not want you to pass me by.
I want to hold you, be held by you.
I want you to feel me next to you.
You have consumed me,
Broken down my walls.
I have let you in,
Given you all of me.
I ask the same of you,
If you are willing and give yourself to me,
I will treat your heart
As the most precious thing in the world to me.
I promise to love you deeply and ever so completely.
I will try my best never to make you hurt,
Never to make you cry.
Your tears are something that cut me in two,
Your pain shatters my heart and makes me hurt too.
Let me be your smile,
Let me bring you happiness.
Let me be yours,
I love you more everyday.
I canít make this feeling go away.
I no longer want too.
I am yours as completely as any could ever be.
I will be right here next to you,
For as long as you would like me to beÖ

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