Dance With A Demon

Lost little soul,
Spiraling out of control.
No direction in which to go;
No hope within to know.
Falling into the mindsí well,
My own personal Hell.
Of memories so vast,
My own torturing past.

Trapped in Demonís Dance,
Life without romance.
No one there to care,
In this waltz of despair.
From myself I hide,
Emptiness inside.
Soul to weave,
There is no reprieve.

Wounds run deep,
Nothing left to keep.
One shines a light,
The will to fight.
Feel of grace,
To see your face.
Lady of The Trinity,
Is what you seek in mateís beauty.

Doubt fills my mind,
If I can be of that kind.
Follow your path
To fill the hearts of men with a laugh.
One thing I cannot do through deed,
Is be what you need.

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