Crying Mind

What would my life be like
If I had walked a different path?
Where would I be today
If you had fought for me?
Didnít you want me?
Didnít you love me?

Heart bleeding in agony,
The rejection faced alone.
At such a young age
I watched you turn away,
Never to have seen you since.

Missing you for many years,
Longing turned to hate.
Grown inside,
Imbrued my mind.
Your memory has become a void.

Your little girl grew up
To shrug the remainder of you away.
Rot in your hell.
Fade into the distance.

Buried demons inside,
Emerge once again from a crying mind.
Till the day may come,
When I can face you once again.
Unpent my rage upon your soul,
And be free from the torturing memory you hold.

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