Come To Me

I’ve been led my whole life.
Guided by the cruel winds of Fate.
Lead to believe that there is one for me,
Though he never appears.
Given the hope that I will not be alone.
My biggest fear,
Placated everyday.
Though I am still alone.

Fates’ cruel wind has blown me here,
And still you do not appear.
Are you even there?
Will you ever care?
Am I meant to be alone?

Lead to believe my whole life that someone will be there,
To stand with me through the ages…
Though never have I seen such a creature…
I am always alone,
Trapped inside of these cages.
Prisons they are…
The prisons of my heart.
Am I meant to be a lone figure,
Standing among the ruins of my own failure?

I thought I had found you,
Only to learn that he was an illusion of love.
I thought I had known you,
Only to discover that you were never there.
I thought I had embraced you,
Only to realize that I held air.

I thought he was you…
I wanted to believe in him,
But I knew I couldn’t.
I knew it had to end.
That we would never be…
Because he isn’t you…
And I don’t even know who you are…

I know who I want you to be.
Who I want to see…
But do you even want me?
Can you really be you?
The one I seek…
The one I crave…
The one I dream for?
Only you hold the key,
To a face unknown to me…
Love that is already written,
Destiny waiting to be realized.
And all you have to do is come to me.
Just come to me.

Cease the aching I feel deep inside,
Stop the torment freezing me in the depths of my mind.
I want to be with you,
Feel you next to me,
Deep inside me,
Holding me…

This is not something I ask lightly,
Or would dare too…
The choice must be yours,
If but for one thing,
The fact that I love you,
And need you by my side…

You have said yes to me,
Now show me what yes means…
I want to be yours,
Wrapped up completely inside you…
Take me and make me yours…
Cause I can’t see any other way to be…
You are my key,
Unlock me.
Claim me as yours till the end of time.
For I belong to no other,
And never will again…

© Copyright 2005 Arcania | All rights reserved
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