Cold Hard Nights

You walked out the door
And left me standing there crying.
It's been two weeks,
But I don't care.
The result is still the same.
You never said
You were leaving;
Just said something about cheating.
But I didn't hear it all,
So I don't know what you meant.
But, I suppose it doesn't matter.
I'm sill alone,
And you are never coming back.

The days go by slowly,
And now it's nothing but a cold hard night.
It has been ever since you left.
I do nothing but walk around in a daze,
A cloud of blackish haze.
I miss you more than words can say,
But who cares since you went away.
You're gone for good,
And, I'll miss everything about you.
But, I guess I'll have to live
Through a few more cold hard nights.
I'll make it back to the top.
But not without
A few more cold hard nights.

I see the sun,
It has no meaning.
I glance at the moon,
And it is gone.
The stars no longer have any meaning for me.
You stole my life,
And with it,
My heart.
I am empty now,
And now, I will never be the same.
I am gone.
But maybe with a few more
Cold hard nights,
I'll start to resemble my former self.
Possibly, with a few more
Cold hard nights,
I'll be good as new.
I'll just have to tough out a few more
Cold hard nights.

I'm good as new,
It took no time at all.
Now, I am ready
To go on with my life.
Those cold hard nights
Were no problem at all.
Those cold hard nights
Are behind me now.
Those cold hard nights
Will be no more,
And without those cold hard nights,
I'll be ok.

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