But You Will Never Know

Though you are far away,
And can not hear,
I love you,
Oh so much my dear.

Where are you now?
I do not know.
But know in your heart,
I love you, so.

What am I to do,
While you are away?
Find me with your heart,
Some day soon, how about today.

We have never meet.
But my feelings for you run strong.
One day you will know,
What I have been waiting to say for so long.

My words ring true.
But how could you know,
All of the things I feel inside?
Please say it will be so.

One day I hope to regret,
My silly crush.
Twill be difficult.
But I will no longer feel the rush.

What will I do?
What will happen?
One day soon,
Will my love dampen?

It is all in my mind.
I shall try to forget.
But hopefully I will be unsuccessful.
I will be set.

Misery shall be my companion,
Where ever I go.
I will love you forever!
But you will never know!

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