But You Did

I said you would be the one to never hurt me,
I guess it wasn't true.
You hurt me more than you know,
When you left me standing here all alone.
You go back to another,
Knowing you will be hurt yet again.
You go back to another,
Knowing she will not be happy till she has hurt you forever.
Why must I stand here and keep my mouth shut?
Why must I stand here and watch you do it again?
You are my friend.
I can't bear the thought of you doing this to yourself,
Because of anything.
I know why you do it,
And I know you will fail.
And when it is all over,
What will you have but a bucket and pail?
Why, Why, Why, Why?!!!!!!
It's killing me inside to watch the tragedy happen.
Why do it to yourself,
When you know what will happen?
I must shut up, it's not my place to say.
You know how I feel,
And that is where it will stay.
None of my business,
I will butt out of it,
But I just can't watch as you destroy yourself again.
Snap out of it.
I care for you, that has never changed.
But why do you ask me to watch
As you yet again go back to your tormentor?
Why do you ask me to watch
As you yet again make the same mistake?
It can never work, can't you see?
Gods Above Help Me!!!!!
Help me make him see.
Why, Why, Why, Why?!
It's enough to drive me up the wall.
I don't know what to do anymore.
I care for you yes,
And no I don't want to see you hurt.
But in the end that is what it will come down to,
And I don't know when it happens,
If I will be able to help you.

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