Born Again
Edited By: The Phoenix

Overrun and full of pain.
Trapped within my mind.
Crying inside,
Dying in kind.
Anger inside of me,
Tearing out my heart.
Eating up my soul,
Consuming every part.

Memories tormenting,
My wrath has grown.
Total isolation
My actions have sown.
I turned my back to all I believe.
Denied myself to my core.
A loveless creature inside.
I closed the door.

Walls built up,
My heart locked away.
Everyone kept out,
Wishing one would stay.
Exhausted inside.
Tired of the fight.
Falling to my knees,
Raising my eyes to Her sight.

Beaten down,
Finally broken.
Internally heartsore,
She has finally spoken.
Like thunder
Resounding in my ears,
Her voice speaks Truth
I have denied through the years.

“Release your anger.
Let go of the pain.
Forgive broken trust.
Walk the path I have lain.
Your path be crooked,
Rocky and steep.
Though it will not be easy,
I’ll be there to comfort you as you weep.

Find your place of silent beauty,
Drawn within the path.
Follow me to beauty’s reflection.
No longer locked within wrath.
Do not discard me,
As I have never forsaken you.
Accept the love I offer,
Let your soul be born anew.”

Searching within myself,
Comprehension finally shines.
Reaching toward the sky,
At last I see Her signs.
Caressed by the wind,
I beg forgiveness of my doubt.
Kneel before my Goddess,
As elation I cry out.

A smile of contentment crosses my lips.
A peace fills my heart.
I’ll never be forsaken again.
She has been with me from the start.
I feel Her words
Echo in my soul.
At last I know true peace.
And now my heart is whole.

Note: I would like to say something about this poem. I wrote this sometime around July of 2008 (I accidentally deleted the original writting date). This was written in a time of my life when someone tried to change me from who I was into what they wanted me to be. But, you cannot change a person's heart. You cannot change a person's core. I struggled trying to be what this person wanted me to be for years, and I just couldn't be that person. After many years of this internal battle over my own beliefs and who I am I had to be true to myself. The original was written from a Christian perspective. As you can see from this version, I have rewritten it to be true to myself and my Pagan beliefs. It needed to be done. I am not a Christian. I have never been, nor will ever be a Christian. This is who I am. And, I needed to be true to that.

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