Time draws close
To dreams fulfilled
Our time together at an end
Goodbye must follow
Our waking again

If only for a moment
I got to know you,
Feel you next to me.
Held in your love so briefly.

Dawn breaks through the night,
Stunning sight.
A silent ride
Carrying me away from you.
Tears sting my eyes,
As I hold you one last time.
Pulling away from you,
Only to see you crying too.

Bittersweet kiss,
A love to miss.
Turn your back;
I watch as you drive away.
I leave my heart with you.
A thousand miles distance between us
By the end of the day.

Our time apart
Has been a torture to behold.
Months spent listening
As you have grown away from me.
Doubt fills waking thought.
Wondering if you still love me.

The only thing I can hold on to,
Is the memory
Of the day I left you.

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