Beyond My Reach

I crave what I can not have.
I desire what is beyond my reach.
My wanting knows no bounds.
To feel the forbidden I would gladly give up all that I possess.
I would lose all that I have,
To feel what is out of my grasp.
To brush against the unknown,
I would gladly sacrifice my life.
To caress what is forbidden,
I would easily do the impossible.
To embrace what I could never have,
I would readily do the unthinkable.
I long for the mysterious.
I hunger for the enigma of it all.

What I crave is the very power of The Cosmos.
What I desire is the untapped energy of the world.
This longing is deep within my blood.
It always has been.
Always will be.
No matter how many times I come back,
This desire will always be with me.
I will never shake this feeling,
Until I accomplish the impossible task,
And tap the power of The Cosmos into my fingertips.

To wield such power,
I would all to eagerly make a deal with ADAR!
But I know he would never listen,
For I have asked him before.
This desire kills me every time.
It's an endless cycle I will be caught in,
Until the end and the beginning of time.

My heartbeat races my breathing.
My brain reels with malice.
How do I tap The Cosmos,
And control their power?

I am trapped in the wrong dimension.
How did I get caught in the wrong density?
Maybe The Ancients will help me home.
To stare down The Gods;
To stare Death in the face;
To survive the wrath of The Vengeful Queen;
Maybe then,
They will see me worthy of their help,
And they will send me home.

Is my souls' ultimate destiny to suffer forever?
To long for what it will never achieve?
I do not think so.
I'll make my own destiny.
I'll follow the ancient past,
And I'll achieve a higher density yet.
I won't be trapped in this all to vicious cycle anymore!

My endless spirit has had enough!
And it will be pleased,
When at last,
It goes home forever in the stars above!
On that glorious day,
I will celebrate with The Gods of the ancient past,
When at last,
I become one of them.

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