Back In The Abyss

Our time together is through
No one can deny
He moves in to take me
And carry me away from you
I never thought it would end this way,
I never dreamed that my life would be stripped away.
I will always love you, and keep you close,
I will not sever the ties I have to you,
Will not break the link that binds me close to you.
I didn't mean for this to happen,
Didn't mean to cause you the pain I did.
How can I say I'm sorry, and keep you from forever closing your eye lid?
I know my apology is trite,
It really doesn't matter,
But I must say this to you now,
Before I lose the will of light.
You were my dream come true,
You helped me carry on through,
I don't know what else I can say,
Sorry just doesn't tell you everything I feel in the light ray.
You bound me to you,
You held me closer than you even dared,
How was I supposed to know that you truly cared?
It isn't something I ever thought I would know,
Not something I ever thought would strike me, the arrow from the bow.
You know to whom I speak,
I want to touch your heart and make it peak.
Our connection was one of love,
We didn't need words to express what we felt.
All we needed was the look from each other,
In the mind's eye we could read each other.
Remember how much I love you,
And remember how much I care.
Just know that the time for me to hold you,
Has left me here, and inside I am bare.
I know not what I am trying to say,
I just want you to know me in this last way.
It is all I can give you, my words of love and passion,
I will hide the hurt and not show you what comes from the dangerous bashing.
You know how I feel,
You know what I do to myself.
I have started again, because I am here alone,
And in many ways it takes the pain away.
I need you to know what I am trying to say;
I need you to understand what I am trying to tell you.
None of this is your fault,
It's all on me. I didn't ask you to give me away and flee.
I did that on my own,
And so must now live inside this stone.
The rock that was my heart,
Has hardened and solidified.
I give you good luck,
Trying to chisel away the shards of broken heart.
Yes I know I am wrong,
As I always have been.
Please understand that this is the last thing I wanted,
Because I know that nobody will win.
We had a good run, had some good times;
Now the time for fun is over, and all I feel are heart crimes.
Yes it shouldn't have ended this way,
Yes I understand that we couldn't have known how it would end.
But eventually you have to realize,
That one day this will all fade into memory,
And I will no longer be important to you,
Just as at one time I was the most important to you.
Soon your memory of me will cease to exist,
And I will be lost, back in the Abyss.

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