The Whore of Babylon


The cliff side is dark and I am surrounded in that blackness. The night has even gotten blacker, yet here I stand. I look out upon the waters that I cannot see. I hear the surf and the waves pounding on rocks hundreds of feet below me, and I wonder if I fell would I ever hit what’s there or am I only imagining that it is there?

I turn my head slightly, and I look at the body lying on the ground. Disgust flows through my body and consumes my entire being. He thought to blackmail us. He thought he could push his hand in life, and Lo!, look what it got him... dead and cold on the ground.

I turn my head from the site of his body for it is repulsive to me. I look back toward my house. I have had that house for longer than I can remember. This house was once my prison. My glorious and beautiful house… I will miss the place, but I will not change my mind.

I look to the sky and see Orion blazing on the horizon. It is not easy to say good bye to him; he has watched over me and protected me for countless years. It is difficult to say a final good bye to my protector. I don’t know how I manage it, but I do.

I look toward the sea once again and I imagine Egypt. It is hard for me. I miss Egypt in the core of my soul. I close my eyes and I see the Great Pyramids… The Sphinx… The Valley of Kings, where my one true beloved lies buried and forgotten… Thebes and Cairo that were once rich and world renowned are now nothing more than wastelands; their Temples lie in ruins, their palaces are buried beneath the sand and lie forgotten by time, and the people are poor and starving! My beautiful rich Egypt is now desolate and devoid of its ancient beauty.

I imagine my beloved Greece and Rome which are now just like Egypt. I say good bye to them all. I know that I will miss the beauty of this world.

Yes… I am to die, but not before I tell my complete story so that it may live and we will not be forgotten by time.

I look toward my house again and then toward the back yard where I buried my second love in a nameless grave. I dwell on the memory of his murder right before my eyes a day ago. I look back towards the body that lies next to me and I smile in sweet satisfaction.

I was warned that it would end this way for me, but I refused to listen all of those years ago. I was warned of what would happen to me and all of the people whom I love and hold dear in my heart, but I just shut my eyes and my ears to the truth. I would not listen to what I knew in my deepest soul to be the truth of the universe. It was never meant for me, but the temptation was too great and I could not resist it.

Light shines on the horizon. I must tell my story quickly if I am to tell it at all, for there isn’t much time left to me. Oh, but how my story is long… I can’t turn back now… it must be told. Someone must remember us. They must. Listen… Listen… Hear the voice. Hear the story. Hear my story and remember. Tell it to others. Never let us die.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday. I remember how it started. I remember how it ended. I remember all of the love, all of the betrayal, and all of the deceit.

The day was sunny and warm. I was happy that day… my best friend had returned to me after disappearing without a trace. This is where my tragedy begins. This was the beginning of the end of my life…………


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