The Whore of Babylon

Chapter 11

My entire body was overcome with a sharp prickling feeling as I returned home that night. The sensation was so strong that it stopped me cold from my approach to the house. An overwhelming sense of dread washed over me and I knew that something was horribly wrong. I launched myself toward the house with every ounce of strength I had. The speed of my approach propelled me through the door and I was brought up short by the horrible truth that was laid out for me to see.

The first thing that I saw was blood everywhere. My eyes flicked around the scene taking everything in. I focused on the body of Kramer first. He was sprawled on the lower stairs. His throat had been slashed and he had been eviscerated. I looked at his mutilated body with eyes wide in horror and shock. What happened? I screamed to myself. I ran through the ground floor of the house searching for answers. I found Kevin and Blair in the large parlor off of the main entry way. They were covered in blood and laid there still bleeding.

I ran toward them. I dropped to my knees next to Blair and begged of him the question screaming in my mind. “Blair, what happened? How? Who?” I screamed in desperation and agony.

Blair couldn’t even open his eyes. I heard the blood gurgling in his throat as he struggled to answer me in a single word… “Alan…” he said in a whisper.

“What about Alan?” I begged in desperation for understanding as my voice cracked and tears burned in my eyes. Blair was beyond speech. I heard the blood bubbling in his lungs and I knew that he would be dead within the next thirty second. I bent down and gently kissed Blair’s forehead. My voice was thick with lamentation as I whispered into Blair’s ear, “I’m sorry.” The words came out in a choked sob.

I turned to Kevin. He lay just a few feet away from Blair. He had been stabbed multiple times in the chest and he was bleeding heavily. I bent down over him and focused his eyes on me. “What did Alan do?” I begged of him in desperation. “Kevin, please tell me… What did Alan do?” I cried.

“Went… berserk…” Kevin said in a clipped and strangled whisper. “Couldn’t… stop him.”

“I’m sorry, Kevin.” I said in a choked sob. “Forgive me. This never would have happened if I hadn’t brought you here. Forgive me.” I begged of him as I leaned down to kiss his forehead as I had done with Blair only moments ago.

A slight smile touched the corners of his mouth. “Nothing… to… forgive…” He said with each strangled breath he took.

A slight smile turned up the corners of my mouth as I took Kevin’s hand. I held his hands as he lay dying before me, choking on his own blood. My agony was engulfing. It was my fault that they had died. I was the one that brought them so far from their home to pursue the past that haunted me. None of them should have died for a vendetta that hung over my head like a plague. I watched helpless as Kevin suffocated on his own blood and my anger grew with every passing second. I didn’t know what had happened, but I would avenge my dead. Kevin’s breath faltered and there was silence all around me. I knew that Kevin was dead.

“No!” I screamed into the silence. I wanted to deny the bloodbath that lay before me. I wanted to deny that everyone I knew was dead. The pain of their loss was a burden in my heart, and the pain burned like the fire of a phoenix within me.

“Aodac!” I screamed into the silence. Is Aodac dead too? Where is Aodac? I need to find him. My mind was frantic with panic. I didn’t know if Aodac had survived this bloodbath and I needed to know if he was alive or dead. I pulled myself away from Kevin’s body and tore through the house in search of Aodac. I searched every room there was. He was nowhere to be found.

“Francesca!” My head snapped up at the sound of Aodac’s voice. I was on the third floor ripping through the attic when I heard him call my name. I ran toward the sound of Aodac’s voice blindly without stopping to think. I ran toward his voice like a little girl that runs to her father’s call. All I knew in my heart was that I needed to be with Aodac. My heart reached for him and wanted nothing more than to cling to him.

“Francesca!” I heard Aodac’s voice calling to me again. I ran toward it faster and was halted in my stride as I entered the private room off of the main parlor. I saw Aodac standing there in the middle of the room right in front of Alan. I tried to take a step forward when Alan pointed a sort of gun at me that was loaded with wooden stakes. I stopped again.

“Not so fast, Francesca.” Alan sneered at me in a tone of arrogance and loathing.

“What have you done, Alan?” I screamed at him as I tried to step forward.

“Stop.” Alan ordered me in a tone of superiority. “I can assure you Francesca that I will not miss your heart if I shoot.” I stopped again. I did not know what madness had claimed Alan’s mind, and I was not willing to push him until I had to. Alan made a quick jerking gesture toward the sofa with the hand that held his special gun. He shoved Aodac in the direction of the sofa and sneered as he said “Sit down, both of you.”

I stalked toward the couch. My eyes burned with tears of agony and fury. Every predatory instinct I had was on red alert.

“Alan…” I said quietly through clenched teeth.

“What?” He hissed at me.

“I just want you to know one thing.” I said in a voice that was seething with violent fury.

“What’s that, Francesca?” He mocked me. My name was a curse on his lips and he spat it out with contempt in his voice.

“I just want you to know that I will kill you before this night is over. You will die for what you have done.” I said with a burning conviction in my voice.

Cahol’s warning proved true. I knew Alan was the one. Why? I silently begged God for an understanding that wouldn’t come.

“Ah, my beautiful whore… I will not die tonight.” Alan said in a derisive tone.

“What makes you think I will not kill you?” I said in a deathly quiet voice.

“I am not as stupid as Grandfather Adam was. I will never die, because I will become one you forever tonight.” Alan gloated over us.

“I am not sure I follow you.” I said as I tried to play dumb. “What are we again?” I asked in a sarcastic tone that was full of mocking and loathing.

“Don’t play stupid with me, whore. I have known of your existence since I was a baby.” Alan said in superior contempt.

“What are you talking about?” I said in a bored voice as I rolled my eyes.

“I know you are both vampires.” Alan said in a voice that suggested that everyone alive knew what Aodac and I were.

“Vampires? Are you kidding me?” I said as I laughed Alan’s great revelation off as if it were the rantings of a delusional madman.

“Get off it, bitch. I know you are vampires. I have sought you out for years. Why else would I have been in a disgusting city like Cairo? Grandfather Adam told me that’s where you buried that sentimentalist fool of yours… the one who turned you. I knew that if I just waited long enough you would come to me, and I wouldn’t have to search you out.” Alan said in a victorious voice. My God, the boy was delusional.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Alan.” I said with a casual shrug of my shoulders.

“Get off it, whore. Grandfather Adam showed me what you looked like in some old pictures he had of his days with you. I know you. I know who you are. I know what you are. I knew that if I stayed in Cairo long enough you would eventually come to me, and then one night I looked up and I saw Aodac sitting in that bar and I knew that I was the luckiest man in the world. I knew that he would lead me to you, and so he did. I knew that my goal was finally in sight. I knew that I would finally get what I have always wanted, and tonight I will accomplish my ultimate goal. Grandfather Adam will be avenged and the life you stole from him will be mine!” Alan ranted in a voice of delusional blindness.

“I’m not following you. What Adam?” Aodac asked in a confused voice.

“Adam Holmes. He was my grandfather and your roommate. That Adam. Do you remember him now?” Alan spat in contempt.

“What the hell does he have to do with this?” Aodac asked in a voice that was even more confused than a moment ago.

“He’s got everything to do with this you pompous moron. Grandfather Adam spent years cozying up to that traitorous Cahol, and just when immortality was within his grasp she show up.” Alan spat as he waved his hand toward me. “All of you blindly took her in, and she ruined everything for him!” Alan screamed in rage.

“What are you talking about?” Aodac asked in a voice that was full of sarcasm and confusion. “She didn’t ruin anything.”

“Yes she did!” Alan insisted. “Grandfather Adam told me all about her. He talked about a woman that he called ‘The Whore of Babylon.’ Oh, she was an amazing woman. He told me that she sold herself to get immortality. He told me that she sold herself in body and blood. Grandfather Adam told me that she stole the immorality that should have been his! His stories always made me angry for him, and I always wanted to meet the woman who took immorality away from my Grandfather, and here she is… The Whore of Babylon in the flesh! Grandfather Adam was right about you… You are the Whore of Babylon, Francesca. The gift of immortality should have been Adam’s, but now it will be mine!” Alan ranted. He was lost in his own delusion and he was beyond the reach of reason.

“She didn’t steal anything from Adam.” Aodac insisted. “Neither of us had ever planned to turn Adam. Cahol and I never even thought about it.”

“That’s a lie! Of course you planned to turn him before she showed up. Why else would you have told him what you were?” Alan screamed.

“We only told him because he followed us one night as we left to feed. We hadn’t planned on telling him what we were, and we never planned to turn him into one of us.” Aodac insisted in an ardent voice.

“That’s a lie! You told him because you wanted to make him one of you!” Alan screamed in fury. “She stole his immortality and I will reclaim it tonight, because if you do not give it to me I will impale both of you and take it from you as you lay dying at my feet!” He ranted in self delusion as he raised his weapon again. Alan looked me in the eye and all I saw was madness; he was truly crazy.

What did Adam do to this boy? I wondered. Adam has made him another Ahab fighting another whale; he blindly seeks his prey without forethought or planning. He seeks his prey without plotting every last second of his final confrontation and planning for the unexpected. He is a fool. Okay, so Adam knew that we are vampires… so what? Adam didn’t know anything about being a vampire; not even Cahol knew everything when he made me. I learned more about what we are when I lived with The Council than I ever did when I was with Cahol, and Cahol only told Adam the bare minimum of what we are as far I know. There is no way Alan could know anything about us from second hand knowledge from a human. His entire plan is a crack shot… it’s ill conceived. He will never pull it off. He was beaten before he even started. The thoughts raced through my mind and I was left to ponder on these questions silently.

“Can I just ask one question?” I said in a very soft and calm voice.

“What, whore?” Alan spat at me. How could I have been so blind to the obvious contempt he has for both of us? How could I have not seen what he truly is? I wondered to myself.

“Do you really believe that you can steal the Gift of immortality?” I asked in the same quiet and calm voice.

“Yes.” Alan answered me.

“Alan… do you even know how we make another vampire?” I asked him.

“Of course I do. Grandfather Adam told me that all I have to do is drink your blood and in a few minutes I will be a vampire. Your blood will make me a vampire whether you are dead or alive, so you may as well cooperate with me and live bitch.” Alan spat at me. He really believed that he had everything about us figured out. He was more than delusional. He was insane.

I started to laugh at his bold and blind confidence. “Alan, you are so misinformed about us. You may not know this about me, Alan… A long time ago I found The Vampire Nation’s law; they are called The Council. The Council is vastly ancient. Most of them lived more than thirty thousand years ago as humans. They were the first vampires. They are the oldest and wisest of us. We would not exist if it were not for them. They know more about us than all the rest of the vampires in the world put together do.” I said in a very calm voice.

“So?” Alan asked me in a sarcastic tone with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

“So… did you know that I lived with The Council for more than a month so that I could torture Aodac through the wall he was trapped in?” I asked Alan in a deathly calm voice.

“What of it?” Alan asked in that same sarcastic tone.

“Well, I learned a few things about myself and all vampires during the time that I lived with The Council… interesting things… things you should know if you want to be a vampire.” I said.

“What things?” Alan asked in a wary voice. I could tell he was looking for a trap.

“Things such as how we are really made… For instance, a vampire can only be made from living vampire blood. When the body dies, the power in the blood causes the blood to hyper accelerate and it burns very hot very fast, just like a volcano when it erupts. If the blood enters your body when the process of hyper acceleration has started it will kill you the same way it kills the vampire. The body is rendered a skeleton in mere minutes. It leaves no blood, no organs, nothing of value to make another vampire. You cannot kill us and take the gift of immortality by force, and I swear to you that as long as we live I will not let you get close enough to take it. That is a paradox for you to ponder, Alan.” I said in the same deathly calm voice that almost hypnotized my prey.

“I can put enough of these stakes in you to paralyze you and take it that way.” Alan sneered at me in high superiority as if he had already won the blood he craved within our veins.

“Again, Alan… I am afraid not. Your idea of how we are made is pure fiction.” I said in an antagonizing voice that taunted him in his madness.

“What are you talking about?” Alan sneered. “Grandfather Adam told me everything I needed to know about vampires.”

“I hate to tell you this Alan, but Adam was a human just like you. He knew nothing about us. He knew nothing about how we are made.” I snapped at him in annoyance.

“Yes he did!” Alan screamed at me.

“No, he didn’t.” I said calmly. “The Council explained the entire process to me when I lived with them.”

“What process?” Alan barked at me. I could tell that I had finally peaked his curiosity to know more about us.

“The Council told me everything they knew about us and what we are. The process to make another vampire is very slow. It is a step by step process and there is a reason for each step.” I said sharply.

“Explain.” Alan ordered me in a sharp voice that rang with the arrogance of his delusions.

“The first step in the process to make a vampire is that the Master to be must drink from the new one. This is so the new one’s brain, heart, and their entire being will be linked to their Master. The Master will always know what the new one is thinking, what they are feeling, if they are in danger, etc. The second step in creating a vampire is that the Master must freely give their blood to the new one. If there is any trace of doubt in the Master’s blood at the time of passing they will pass that doubt into the new one where it will flood their system, and the blood will kill the new one because of it. The third step is waiting… the new one will wait for about two hours while the blood digests into their system. The wait was built into the process so that the new one can alter whatever they need to before they turn.” I explained.

“What do you mean alter?” Alan barked at me.

“Say for instance that you have a five o’clock shadow when you turn, and you go to shave it off in the morning like you have every day for the past ten years. Well, before you make a second pass with the razor it will be there again. You will never be able to get rid of it. That is why the new one waits for their body to digest the blood within them. The fourth and final step in creating a new vampire occurs when the blood does start to turn you. Once the blood starts to kill the mortal body it will be anywhere from six to twenty-four hours before the blood succeeds in its quest to kill the new one, and then it will be another two to four hours before the new one will awake as a vampire. Furthermore, the hours spent waiting for the blood to kill the body are spent in gut retching agony. The new one is completely defenseless and vulnerable during that time, and the new one will pray for death before it’s over. Everyone does. Everything has to play exactly like that, Alan. The Council taught me well. They did like me, Alan… very much.”

“You’re lying whore.” He sneered at me in contempt with hatred in his voice.

A smile crossed my lips and my eyebrows rose in a dare. “Am I, Alan?” I asked in a taunting voice. “Are you so sure of the information Adam gave you? Do you really know what you think you know?” I taunted him further. “Of course you don’t know. There is no way you could know what it takes to make a vampire. Even Cahol did not know everything I have just told you.”

“So how do I know you didn’t make it all up?” Alan asked me in a skeptical voice with a note of doubt behind his words.

“You don’t.” I told him simply.

“Then why should I believe you?” Alan screamed at me in rage and disbelief.

“You don’t have to believe me Alan, but if you test me you will see that I have spoken nothing but the truth. The Gift of immortality requires absolute trust. I had that trust in Cahol and he gave me this life. Are you capable of giving that kind of trust to someone you despise so much?” I said in a taunting voice that rang with loathing.

Aodac had remained utterly and surprisingly quiet. Why? I wondered in the back of my mind. I could feel the love Aodac felt pouring out of him and into me. I hoped he felt my love as I gave it to him. It’s funny. I thought… All of that time that we had spent locked together recently… all of the time that we had spent fusing our souls into one, and I never felt anything wrong between us. Why? Does Aodac still distrust me? Does he still doubt me? Does he still hate me? Why? Does he still want me dead? Does he hope that Alan will succeed where he had failed? Not Aodac… Please not Aodac. I don’t think I can stand it if he still wants me dead. The thoughts screamed at me from within my mind and I was utterly broken by the thought that Aodac might still want me dead.

The sound of Aodac’s rich tenor voice broke me out of my musings. “There is no way you can live through this, Alan. You know that, don’t you? You will die tonight no matter what else may happen. You will not live unless we allow you to live. Isn’t that right, il mio piccolo vampiro?” Aodac said as he taunted Alan with the threat of failure in his desire to be one of us.

“Yes… That’s right, il mio dolce.” I responded as I smiled wickedly to Alan.

“You are partly right.” Alan exclaimed to us. “I will die tonight only to be reborn as an immortal! HA HA HA!” he cackled crazily. His self delusion had surpassed mere madness. There were no words for what he was now.

I shook my head in an exaggerated way. “Tsk, tsk, tsk… Alan… Alan… Alan…” I said in an exasperated and thoroughly disgusted voice, “Haven’t you listened to a single word I’ve said? Do you still believe that you can just walk away from this so easily? Do you still believe that it’s so easy to become immortal?”

“You’re just jealous whore, and don’t you think that I don’t know it!” Alan spat at me in hatred. “You just envy me the fact that before the night is out you will be dead and I will be forever! You are just jealous because I am taking your place in the world and reclaiming what should have been my birthright! You are just pissed because I have you backed into a corner and you are the ones that have no way out! Now… I am going to give you just one last chance to give me what I want or I am going to take it, bitch!”

“Ok, Alan. You win.” I said in a placating tone as I gave into Alan’s demands quickly and without a fight. “I will give you what you want, but only on one condition.” I said quietly.

“I will not promise to spare your life.” Alan hissed at me.

“No… that is not my condition. I will not plead with you for my life or for Aodac’s. Kill us if you wish. I want to hear the whole story. I want to hear everything that Adam knew and did all of those years ago. That is my condition. Will you agree to my terms?” I said in a deathly quiet and calm voice. I needed to bide my time. I needed to hear the truth.

Alan shrugged his shoulders. “Why not? It won’t matter soon anyway.” He said in a gloating and smug voice as victory danced in his eyes.

I nodded once. “Just start from the beginning and end when we meet you in Cairo… and eternity will be yours.” I said as I smiled sweetly to him.

“Sure.” Alan said simply. “I’ll placate you for now, but I warn you… one move and I’ll kill you, bitch.” Alan said in a threatening warning.

“As you wish.” I said in a taunt.

Alan just ignored me.

“Grandfather Adam never told me everything.” He began… “Hell… I thought you were just a bedtime story until I was sixteen. That was when Grandfather Adam showed me the lair.” My jaw dropped wide open in shock. I didn’t know that Adam knew where it was.

“Yes… Grandfather Adam knew about it.” Alan answered the unspoken question. “He showed me where you found that sentimentalist’s skeleton. I started to believe. He told me that you were still out there somewhere waiting to be found. He died a month later. I had known about all of your history together. He told me all of that, but Grandfather Adam didn’t tell me everything. It wasn’t until I read his journal that I knew everything. He left it to me when he died. I have kept it with me ever since. It’s upstairs where no one can find it. Within its pages are the answers to everything. He explained how Cahol” the name was a sneer on his lips, “had turned you. He explained how betrayed he had felt when Cahol had turned you. He wrote about how hurt he was at being overshadowed by a whore. He wrote in detail about how Cahol and you,” he pointed to Aodac, “had been acting towards each other. So he formed a plot in his head: ‘Kill the bitch and I’ll get what I want.’ He explained in detail about how he took great care to make sure the vampire would never know that he was ever there. Aodac had given him the perfect victim with his own jealousy. He stole Aodac’s clothes from the day before and he showered with Aodac’s soap that night, and covered his scent with Aodac’s cologne. Grandfather Adam was meticulous in his plans… He wore Aodac’s socks, his sneakers… everything. That night he found the two of you wrapped around each other as you slept. He stood over you both and watched you. He raised the stake he had with the intentions of to killing you Francesca, but he just couldn’t do it. Even he loved you too much to ever hurt you. In a fit of jealous passion he killed Cahol instead. It wasn’t long after that, that you left to bury your dearly beloved in that pig city. He never saw you again, or Aodac. He told me to search you out and get the gift that should have been his. I started in Cairo. I figured that you would eventually show up. It was just a matter of time, and it was fate that I was there in that bar when Aodac showed up that night. I assumed that I was to be food for you, but what I don’t get is why you weren’t out hunting for yourself. Why is that?” He asked in a curious little voice. His entire confession was so heartfelt, so sarcastic that I doubted most of it. Could I really have been fooled so easily by such a cheep trick? Did Adam really kill Cahol and not Aodac? No! I thought. Aodac admitted that he had killed Cahol. There is no doubt as to who killed him.

“I wasn’t able to hunt for myself.” I said quietly with my head bowed by shame and guilt. “I was unconscious at that time…” The words died away in my throat and I choked on a silent tear.

“Why were you unconscious?” Alan asked me in a curious little voice like a child.

“Aodac drove a stake through my chest.” I said sadly.

“Why did he do that?” Alan asked me.

“Because, I am the reason he was imprisoned behind a wall by The Council. They kept him that way for half a century.” I whispered.

“Why did you do that?” Alan continued in his interrogation.

“I wanted Aodac to suffer for what he did. Aodac killed Cahol. He admitted it long ago. I wanted him to pay for what he had taken from me” I said in a contemptuous voice.

“Oh, my dear and beautiful whore… I am afraid not. You were deceived.” Alan said in a victorious sneer.

“No!” I screamed in denial. “Aodac admitted what he did long ago. He told me why he did it!”

“You were deceived.” Alan insisted. “Grandfather Adam also wrote in his journals that he woke Aodac up that night when he realized what he had done. He said that Aodac had been cured by The Council and that he was mortal at that time. Grandfather Adam said that Aodac was easily hypnotized that night. He was half asleep and his mind was easily manipulated. He programmed Aodac to believe that he had killed Cahol in a jealous rage and then he ordered Aodac to forget that he had ever been woken up in the middle of the night. All Aodac remembered was that he had killed Cahol… and it worked. Personally, I think Grandfather Adam should have stuck to his original plan to kill you. When Cahol would have woken up that morning and smelt Aodac in the lair he would have flown into a murderous rage and confronted him. Aodac would have protested his true innocence and that would have enraged Cahol so completely that he would have killed you.” He said as he pointed to Aodac. “Then only Grandfather Adam would have remained, and Cahol would have eventually turned him. But, no! He was as stupid as Cahol and you were.” He said gesturing to Aodac again. “Even he loved you, whore. In time, Grandfather Adam grew to hate you for the love that cost him immortality. However, I don’t love you. Grandfather Adam conditioned me very well when it came to hating you whore. I have told you everything. Now turn me or die!” Alan demanded with the contempt flowing from him in a violent river of emotion.

“Alan… as I told you earlier the process requires trust and time. We have neither. There is nothing I can do if you will not let me feed from you.” I said in a calm and steady voice which revealed nothing of the torment that flowed within me.

“Right…” Alan said in a sarcastic voice. “Like I’m really going to let you feed from me… How do I know you won’t suck me dry?” He barked in scorn.

“That is why the process begins and ends with trust. I have to drink from you, and I have to drink a lot just as you must drink from me; however, I have to drink first. There is no other way. Will you accept that or not?”

Alan nodded his head slowly. “I’ll accept that if I must, but I will kill you if I think you are trying to kill me. Remember that.” Alan replied.

“Then come.” I said to Alan as I motioned him towards me. “Kneel in front of me.” I said in a quiet invitation. To my surprise, he actually did. “Now…” I said in a calm and steady voice. “I am going to open your neck and drink. It will weaken you for a moment, until you drink my blood. You just have to trust me for a couple of minutes.”

Alan nodded his head and I gently turned his head to one side. I opened my mouth over his throat and I gently eased into the bite so that the action would not scare him. I let Alan’s blood flow down my throat and fill my stomach. I allowed his blood to strengthen me for what was to come. It would have been so easy to take that final sip and kill the boy at my feet but I refrained from the action. I could feel his gun digging hard into my heart and I knew that if I tried to deceive him I would die before the game was over. I pulled back and cut the side of my neck so that Alan could drink. I willingly gave him the blood he wanted. I wanted this boy to receive what he desired above all else. He would become a vampire. I felt his mouth close over the cut on my neck and the feeling of his mouth on me made me sick. I was repulsed to the point of gagging on my own blood with every mouthful of my blood he drank. I pulled away from him in relief to have his disgusting mouth off of me when he had finally drunk enough.

“What now?” He asked me.

“Now there is nothing left to do except wait. The transformation will start soon enough. However, I warn you again that it will be excruciatingly painful, and you will be left defenseless for some time. The process is not fast.” I emphasized again.

“I’ve got nothing but time.” He said with a ring of ultimate victory in his voice and a smile that illuminated the hatred and madness in his eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” I said to Alan in a quiet voice.

“What?” Alan asked me in curiosity.

“May I see Adam’s journal?” I asked him in a deathly soft whisper.

“Why do you want to see it? Alan asked me in a skeptical voice.

“Please?” I begged of him. “I need to see what Adam said about killing my Master.” The emotion in my voice was painful and deep. The wound Cahol’s murder left in me would never heal. I still hurt so much. The pain still cut so deep within me.

“No.” Alan said quickly.

“Why?” I begged of him. I needed to understand what happened. “I need to know the truth.” I said in desperation.

“I can’t leave you to go get it, and I can’t send one of you to get it, either. You could try to run or you might try to trap me. I will not risk anything.” Alan said with caution in his voice.

“We have nowhere to go, Alan. We have no reason to try and trap you.” I said in placation. “You have won here. I have given you what you desire. I have given you my life. Kill me if you wish. Destroy me if you wish. But please let me read Adam’s words before you do. I think I am entitled to know what really happened that night.” I said in a voice full of pain. The wound within me was raked open by Alan’s confessions and it would not be rewoven without the truth.

“Very well.” Alan said in a simple voice. “I’ll get the journal; however I warn you that if you move one inch while I am gone I will kill both of you in two shots.” He said through clenched teeth.

Alan left the room and I heard his feet fall heavy on the stairs. “Aodac, we must use the time that we have to our advantage.” I said quickly and quietly.

“What do you mean?” Aodac asked me in the same almost whisper.

“The pain will hit Adam in a few hours and he will be helpless. We must be ready when that time comes to take that weapon from him and kill him before he can kill us.” I said in a hurried whisper.

I heard Alan’s heavy feet as he ran back down the stairs.

Aodac opened his mouth to respond and I cut his voice off with a sharp look.

Alan walked back into the room with his weapon pointed at us again.

“Here.” He snapped as he threw the book at me.

“May we move closer together so that we can both read the journal?” I asked Alan as I indicated that Aodac and I would both like to read it.

“Sure.” Alan said nonchalantly. “Just don’t try anything funny.” He warned us both.

I moved over next to Aodac on the couch and leaned into him as he put his arm around me and held me close.

This was as good as any other way to pass the time. We were both used to the wait of making a new vampire.

We settled in together as one. We were one with each other now more than ever. We settled in to each other as one mind in two bodies to read the words of a man that neither of us had known and had at one time called roommate and friend.


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